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Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Mentz’s detailed and customized approach to facelift surgery has consistently delivered great results to his patients for decades. In his 22 years of professional practice he has performed more than 1,500 facelift procedures and his technique has been featured in several textbooks for plastic surgeons.

The award-winning plastic surgeon has developed a measurement method to determine the most effective lifting strategies to reposition the soft tissues of the midface. Restoring the midface poses one of the greatest challenges of facial rejuvenation. Facelifts of the past primarily tightened the skin to smooth wrinkles, but this approach has two inherent flaws: excessive tension on the skin results in an unnatural “pulled” appearance, and tightening of the surface layer alone does not adequately correct the sagging underlying tissues because the skin is not durable enough to act as the supportive structure.

Incorporating new techniques to lift and tighten the deeper tissues of the face in specific areas allows surgeons to produce more effective, natural and long-lasting results. By scientifically measuring the laxity of underlying tissues at various anatomical points, Dr. Mentz is able to provide a formula for the method that will produce the best results for each individual patient.

“In plastic surgery, there has been a call to show statistical evidence to see which treatment is most effective. This method allows us to prove, through quantitative measurement, which method is most effective for a patient’s particular needs,” said Dr. Mentz.

The method allows the surgeon to customize the amount of lift and tension that is needed to correct the laxity and sagging of each layer of the face to achieve the most effective lift while still producing a natural looking youthful appearance—the hallmark of a successful facelift procedure. “When you see a good facelift, you don’t notice it,” said Dr. Mentz.

Through the years, multiple facelift strategies and techniques have evolved to improve the signs of facial aging such as a sagging midface and jowls. Dr. Mentz set out to develop a quantifiable and scientific method to determine the facelift method that will produce the most effective and natural looking rejuvenation for a patient.

In his consultation with patients, the Houston surgeon accurately measures, grades, and records the amount of aging or laxity in each area of the face. Through computer imaging and the consultation process, the various methods can be demonstrated on the patient’s image to evaluate the best options for each individual. Dr. Mentz has consistently found that three options can be determined for each patient, and, of these, one will most effectively maximize the rejuvenating results that can be achieved. The surgeon, who has achieved consistently successful results with his innovative measurement method since 2007, introduced the technique to the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2008.

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