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Short Scar Facelift (MACS Facelift) in Houston, TX

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The MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) facelift, also known as the short scar facelift, allows for the correction of sagging facial features through a short incision, elevating them vertically by suspending them from above. Triple board-certified Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Henry Mentz finds that for the right patient, the MACS facelift procedure is safer, recovery time is shorter, and patients really appreciate the minimal scarring and the very natural looking results. Placing sutures (surgical stitches) restores the tightness of the skin in the upper and middle neck, which corrects jowling and nasolabial folding and improves the support of the cheek and lower eyelid.

Surgical Technique

The MACS facelift is performed with the patient under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility, usually as an inpatient procedure. The incision is limited to the skin fold in front of the ear and follows the hairline under the sideburn. The zig-zag pattern incision makes the scar blend with the hairline, and it becomes virtually invisible. After making the incision, the skin is lifted from the working and 2 – 3 sutures are woven into the deep facial tissues in order to obtain suspension of the facial features. The number of sutures used is dependent on the patient’s needs. 


The recovery period for a MACS facelift is usually shorter than a full facelift at around 2 – 3 weeks. Most patients will be able to return to work and normal activities in 1 – 2 weeks. Keeping the head elevated and applying cold compresses will help to minimize pain, swelling, and bruising. Patients should continue to have follow up appointments with Dr. Mentz so he can check on the progress of their recovery.

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$6,000 - $10,000
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2-3 Weeks
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MACS Facelift FAQs

MACS Vs. Traditional Facelift?

There are many advantages to having a MACS facelift versus a traditional facelift. It uses a shorter scar that is in front of the ear, instead of behind, which is much easier to hide, and the procedure is overall safer because less skin is raised. This means that there is less risk of bleeding, nerve damage and infection. The operation also takes less time than a tradition facelift and requires a shorter recovery period of just 2-3 weeks instead of 3-4 weeks.

Long Lasting Results?

A facelift can erase signs of previous aging, but it cannot protect the face from future aging. The results of a facelift will decrease over time as natural aging and gravity continue, but a good facelift can last over 10 years if the patient is careful about skincare and environmental protections, like sunscreen.

Before Surgery?

For the smoothest surgery and recovery, Dr. Mentz asks all patients to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before their procedure. It is also best to avoid taking aspirin and NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory) medications since these increase bleeding. Patients should also discuss any vitamins or minerals you are taking with Dr. Mentz to determine if they should be cut out of your routine before surgery.

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